Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy 1 st Birthday Case

My First photo shoot with Jessica Walkers Photography. In these photos with me is ICING'S two layer white cake with light yellow butter cream icing and brown fondant giraffe print. Topped off with a BIG electric blue fondant #1.

Wait for what?

It was just one bite!

Think it needs a little mor...

Guess who's turning one?
Got milk????

Yeah! I get two Birthday cakes from ICING!!!

This cake is is for my Birthday Party. A stacked two tier White cake with Butter Cream icing. Top tier was electric blue and bottom tier was golden yellow with burnt orange fondant giraffe print. Along the bottom border was green butter cream grass. Around the cake were Chocolate Fudge cup cakes with electric blue butter cream icing and black fondant zebra prints.

Yep! this is Case's name tag.

Case's cake without the cupcakes.


Purple Flowers said...

Totally adorable! The cakes look terrific as does the birthday boy!

Jeannie said...

Thanks, I do agree this little guy is a doll!!!!