Monday, June 7, 2010

"Happy 1st Birthday Pye"

Meet Pye's little friend Zach the Zebra

Zach the Zebra was created out of fondant as he is perched on a single 8" layer of ICING'S moist traditional white cake. Frosted in hot pink butter cream icing. Next to Zach the Zebra sprouting up was a white fondant drop flower with a number 1. Along the sides were fondant drop flowers and leaves. At the base of the cake is a black, hot pink and white polka dot ribbon tied with a bow.

Cupcakes were filled with ICINGS moist traditional white, chocolate fudge and strawberry passion cake. Matching Zebra print cupcakes to Zach the Zebra. Using white and hot pink butter cream icing with back and white fondant zebra markings. To top off these little guys there were alternating black and hot pink fondant P's and Number 1's. To add some sparkle we dusted them with black and hot pink edible glitter.

Ahhhh look at me! I am my mommies girl !!!

Oops!!! Auntie Shellye caught me with my finger in the frosting.