Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Congraulations Brandon & Sheila Houston"

Brides cake was a four tier Traditional White cake with butter cream icing. The bottom tier was air brushed with shimmering silver, attached white fondant diamonds at each peak was edible pearls. The third tier had silver luster dust painted on the butter cream icing scroll work. The second tier was air brushed with shimmering silver. There were five white fondant drapes placed on the sides connected with a fondant petal. The stripes on the top tier were fondant air brushed with shimmering silver. Large silver daggers were place at the top of each stripe. Wrapped around the border of each tier was a string of silver beading. Adding the finishing touch to the cake was a brushed silver H monogram with rhinestones.

Brandon's cake was his favorite strawberry passion frosted with butter cream icing. Brandon had chosen a camouflage design. Poured over the top and dripped down the sides was chocolate ganash. Chocolate dipped strawberries with chocolate shavings were placed on top of the cake and along the base of the cake. Topping the cake off was a orange fondant banner that said
The hunt is over !

Catering was provided by Keesha.
This bucket was placed near the chocolate fountain filled with white stems topped off with fresh strawberries.

Keesha's master piece of her fresh fruit display.

Guest enjoyed a sugar rush with some favorite candies chosen by Brandon & Sheila.

"Best Wishes to Grant & Jennifer Allen"

Brides cake was a three tier cake. The top round tier and bottom square tier were Chocolate Fudge cake. The middle square tier was strawberry passion cake. The cake was frosted with butter cream icing. The scroll work and heart designs were also pipped with butter cream icing. The finishing touch was butter cream beading along the top and bottom of each tier. At the reception the bride was going to place fresh flowers and tea candles on the cake. Wish I had a finished picture of the cake for all to see.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April showers bring May flowers

"Welcome Baby Emily"

I was given a baby shower invitation to copy. Which had one of my favorite flowers on it. A daisy how cool is that? The cake was three layers of ICING'S moist Tradition White cake with lime green butter cream icing. The icing in between the layers of white cake was fuchsia butter cream icing. The daisies, ribbon, and monogram E were made out of fuchsia and white fondant. The polka dots were white butter cream.