Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cake Balls

Chocolate Cake Balls and White Cake Balls were dipped in White Chocolate to resemble a White Christmas drizzled with Christmas colors red and green.

Here is a Red Velvet Cake Ball. We cracked open for you to see the inside of a Cake Ball.

A ladies book club just finished reading the new book "Colored Girls" Here are some Cake Balls and Cake Bites haveing the initials C G to tie in with their theme.

Yes, Cake Balls along with cup cakes are newest trend In Texas today. While living in California in the late 80's early 90's, Cake balls were the trend. Once a month my cake pals and I would get together chit chat over coffee and share cake, cookies, and candy ideas. Sometimes our cakes come out of the oven lop sided and we have to trim the tops to make the cake straight. One girl shared the idea, after trimming the top of the cake dome don't just eat it. Collect the cake domes and when you have enough combine with icing and then dip in melted chocolate and "Walaa!," you have cake balls. Cake Balls can be called Cruffles too. They taste just like a Truffle. Made out of cake and hand dipped in Melted Chocolate.

Chocolate cake balls dipped in White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate drizzled with dark chocolate to identify what kind of cake is on the inside.

Cake Balls can be drizzled with a color used at your event.

For this event the Cake balls and chocolate dipped strawberries were drizzled with yellow and green to match a Bridal Shower.

For the dedication of the new High School in Red Oak, school colors were requested. White with Maroon drizzled on White and Dark Chocolate Cake Balls, Bite size cookies and Cake Bites.

A glimpse of our New Red Oak High School

Isn't it beautiful???

Italian Cream Cake Balls dipped in White or Dark Chocolate topped off with a pecan nugget.

Today just about any flavor of cake can be used. Bakers use a whole cake instead of just the cake domes to form these decant Cake Balls.

Wanted to share a blooper with you. We do have them happen occasionally in the shop. This is White Chocolate that was suppose to be melted at 20 second intervals. This is what burnt Chocolate looks like at 20 minutes.

Has anyone ever burnt their White Chocolate????

Happy New Year

A toast to you our sweet friends!!!

Thank you to all our faithful customers. Without you 2010 could not have been such a success.

Sugar Cookies

Confectionately yours,