Monday, November 15, 2010

Best Wishes Brittany & David

The Brides cake was a four tier alternating square and round cakes. ICING'S Traditional White and Red Velvet cake, covered with Ivory butter cream icing. The top and third tiers were decorated with butter cream polka dots. The second and bottom tiers were wide stripes of butter cream icing. Along the bottom of the cake were fresh red rose petals. Topped with fresh red roses.

The Groom's cake was a two tier square cake. ICING'S favorite Chocolate Fudge cake with Chocolate butter cream icing. Scroll work was done with chocolate fudge icing. Along the bottom of each tier were chocolate dipped strawberries with chocolate shavings. A Bride and Groom Chocolate dipped strawberries added as the finishing touch of the Groom's cake.


Purple Flowers said...

Both cakes looks so elegant! I wish you lived near me. I would be in your shop as your taste tester. It's nice to see you again. :)

Joyce said...

Ditto everything Purple Flowers says. xo