Friday, November 20, 2009

Tiara sugar cookies were popular this week

Red Oak Chamber of Commerce Annual Auction.

Top Hats & Tiaras over Denim

Color scheme was hot pink, black and silver

Sugar cookies decorated as Top Hats & Tiaras
were placed at each place setting

Center pieces placed on each table carried out the

Top Hat & Tiaras theme.

Cup Cake Bar

Strawberry Passion Cup Cakes

Chocolate Fudge Oreo Cup Cakes

Italian Cream Cup Cakes

Little Ava Turns "2"

Grandma Donna purchased Tiara sugar cookies as
party favors. Decorated in purple and black for Ava's birthday party.

Grandma says these cookies are mhmm good!

Shhhh can you keep a secret?

Grandma ordered extra cookies
so she could eat them later.


Purple Flowers said...

And I don't blame Grandma one bit. They are delicious!

Debra said...

Ohhhh... these "Ava" cookies look so good and pretty to boot. I have heard very good things about your cookies... not only are they gorgeous- but delicious as well.