Monday, June 13, 2011

We're Back......

We have been busy in the kitchen, time sure has a way of getting away from ya. Didn't mean to be away soooo long my sweet friends. To make up for being absent minded and leaving ya all hanging, what better way to get started again by having a drawing . All you have to do is become a Icing Sweet Friend follower and make a post starting now.... until next Monday. Anyone interested in a sugar cookie drawing?

Chef Zach is overtaken by this Giant Monster of a full sheet double stacked chocolate cake. By the time it's finished it will take FOUR strong guys to carry it.

Happy baking!!!!


Purple Flowers said...

I would love to become a "sweet friend" of yours, however, when I click on sweet friend, I don't get a link.

That cake looks outrageous for a chocoholic like me. Yum!
Nice to see you again. :)

jody said...
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jody said...

Me Me I am interested in a Sugar Cookie Drawing!!! So Yummy :)