Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday Celebrations


Two tier Chocolate Fudge Cake with butter cream icing.
Dots, stripes and monkey were made out of green, brown, and blue fondant.

Baby cake just for little Kayson.

" ASHTYN turns 5"

3 Layers of Chocolate Fudge cake with purple butter cream icing.
The zebra marks were cut out of black fondant.
Mommy added her finishing touch a princess shoe, tiara and candles.

"Happy Birthday Joyceeee"
Sugar cookies in a cellophane bag tied with red ribbon.
Given to young lady who has a
"57" Red Chevy truck on her wish list.

"Birthday wishes for Blake"
Skeleton sugar cookies in a cellophane bag tied with black and red curling ribbon.

Blayne's party theme was Tattoos.
Traditional white and Chocolate fudge cupcakes with
butter cream icing.
The emblems were made out of fondant with multi colored
and chocolate sprinkles.

HOT PINK butter cream swirled with electric blue fondant dots
on top of Traditional white cup cakes.

Orange basket ball on top of Traditional white cup cakes.

ICE CREAM any one?? These cupcakes resemble Dairy Queens ice cream cones. Chocolate fudge cup cakes with Chocolate butter cream icing and Traditional
white cup cakes with vanilla butter cream icing. Sprinkled with multi colored daggers.

Hope you all enjoyed the guilt free sweets.
Wishing my friends have a fun filled week!!!

1 comment:

Joyce said...

Jeannie all the bday celebrations look really beautiful. Oh I so loved my 57 chevy cookies. Someday... xo